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Add Coolant Holes to Standard Tools

Coolant holes for coolant through spindle applications can be added to many standard tools from Morse Cutting Tools and General Cutting Tool.

  • Axial Through-Hole DischargeMorse Coolant Discharge
  • Radial Discharge With Axial Feed Hole
  • Fast Quoting
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Provides a Practical Expedient Solution to Many Tooling Application Problems
  • Add Coolant Holes to HSS, Cobalt,and Carbide Tools

There is no need to purchase special tooling when standard stocked Morse tools can be modified quickly to fit your requirements.

Coolant Holes Can Be Added To:morse_coolant

  • Thread Mills – As Small as #10 or 4mm
  • Taps – As Small as #8 (.164″) or 4mm*
  • End Mills – As Small as 1/8″ (.125″) or 3mm
  • Reamers – As Small as 9/64″ (.1406″) or 3.6mm

Adding through coolant will allow you to put the coolant exactally where it is needed.  This will not only keep the tool running cool but also remove the chips before they can be recut.

The Result Is –

  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Surface Finish
  • Reduced Heat Damage To Materials Being Machined
  • Improved Tool Life

General Cutting Tools is an

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