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AirPRO Dust Evacuation Nut for CNC Routers


Stop losing time and money on dust clean-up. AirPRO Dust Extracting Nut from Techniks removes virtually all dust from nested cutting operations. Simply replace your collet nut with the AirPRO. Collet and toolholder sold separately.airpro_exp

  • Greatly reduces airborne dust and dust on the floor
  • Cleaner workpiece and safer work environment
  • Ese with ER32, ER40 or SYOZ25 collet chucks

Problem: dust left behind after processing.
Dust removal can become a time-consuming health and safety problem if the dust extraction on your CNC router is inadequate. The new AirPRO from Techniks removes dust from nested cutting operations so it never has a chance to accumulate. Sawdust is ventilated directly into the CNC dust collection hood by the AirPRO, leaving a cleaner cut and clean air behind.

NOTE: AirPRO must be used with on-size precision ER collets and tightened to torque specifications (above) using a tightening stand, torque wrench and proper adapter or warranty becomes invalid.


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