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Amana Dado Sets

Amana’s seven-piece Prestige mighty adjustable super fine dado groover set (item #61370) enables woodworkers, cabinetmakers and furniture makers to create strong joinery such as tenons, rabbets, box joints and corner lap, among others. Designed for use in 3/4″ arbor shaper machines, the set consists of seven laser-cut hardened steel cutters coated in Amana’s new ElectroBlu™ eco-friendly non-stick coating.

Our Prestige Dado Set cuts perfectly smooth edges, flat-bottom cuts and grooves both along and across the grain that are free of splinters or rough edges. This set consists of seven cutters made of a hard wearing steel tool body complete with four tungsten carbide tips. Ideal for producing different dado cuts, slots and rabbeting in softwood, hardwood and man-made boards on a shaper machine. Width can be adjusted as required using included shim set.

General Cutting Tools is a complete Amana Tool distributor in Chicago.  For more information on the Prestige mighty adjustable super fine dado set, or any Amana Tool, AGE, or Timberline item, please contact us.

Prestige™ Mighty Adjustable Super-Fine Dado/Groover Set
4 Wing • ATB & FT Grind • 1/4″ to 1″


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