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Amana Tool ElectroBLU ECO-Friendly Non-Stick Coating

Amana Saw Blades Chicago

Amana Tool, announces its ElectroBlu™ saw blades, which are coated with an exclusive translucent non-stick saw blade coating. The coating is applied using an environmentally friendly electrostatic process that deposits a strong micro-thin covering on the entire saw blade. In fact, ElectroBlu is the only non-stick coating that also envelops the carbide blade tips as well as the saw body. Additionally, the Amana ElectroBlu translucent coating enables users to visibly inspect the entire saw blade body.


ElectroBlu protects the surface of the blade from resin build-up and corrosion, prolonging the blade life and carbide tip sharpness, leading to longer tooth life and ensuring optimum performance. The micron-thin blue-tinted coating is much thinner than thicker Teflon-like non-stick coatings on the market today, and it doesn’t interfere with saw blade clearances or cutting performance. ElectroBlu-coated blades have been subjected to extensive testing to ensure the finish adheres to Amana’s stringent quality and performance standards. The blades are already in use at numerous large facilities and small woodworking shops alike.

Product Highlights

  • Micron-thin translucent blue-tinted coating
  • Reduces heat build-up and resin accumulation
  • Applied using an electrostatic bonding process
  • Improves clearance and cutting performance
  • Environmentally friendly coating
  • Subjected to extensive performance and quality tests
  • Easy clean up

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