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Amana Tool Offers Extensive Selection of Industrial-Quality Router Bits to Fill a Variety of Woodworking Needs

Entire collection of router bits manufactured to highest quality standards

Amana Tool, manufacturer of industrial-quality carbide-tipped, solid carbide and replacement carbide cutting tools, today announced it offers an extensive line of industrial-quality router bits for a variety of woodworking needs for both professional woodworkers and hobbyists. The company uses high-quality raw materials and unique manufacturing processes to ensure that each of its products – one of the most of any woodworking tool manufacturer – meets stringent quality standards. Amana plans to expand its offerings in coming months with the release of its new catalog this summer.

Each tool that bears the Amana Tool name is manufactured under the sharp scrutiny of the company’s inspection department and according to both the International Organization of Standardization’s (ISO’s) 9000 quality management standard and the European Safety Standard EN-847 1/2, making Amana Tool products a world leader in quality tooling. The company also currently exceeds U.S. manufacturing standards for woodworking tools for both quality and safety.

Amana Router Bits
Amana Router Bits

Amana’s entire line of solid carbide, replacement carbide and compression router bits feature the highest quality European steel and European sub-micro grain carbide that is sharpened to a fine edge. The unique, high-grade carbide and special grinding angles provide high-quality finishes and superior cutting performance to save users time and labor. Amana’s unique solid carbide grade is proven to last longer and retain a sharp edge longer than most solid carbide bits.

Each Amana bit features a centerless ground shank, a process that creates an exacting collet fit and concentricity. The Amana router bits are then balanced to eliminate vibrations and run out, maximize performance, and prolong tool life. The manufacturing process is completed by laser etching essential information for the tool’s use, such as RPM range and clamping depth, directly onto the tool shaft, ensuring that this critical information cannot be erased through normal tool use.

Due to the quality of raw materials and the high production standards, Amana’s solid carbide and compression bits are preferred by many woodworkers and leading furniture manufacturers. One popular profile is the 1/2″-shank compression CNC router bit (#46188, $73.39USD), designed to deliver a clean finish on high-feed applications. Amana’s A-MAX carbide-tipped straight plunge router bit (item #45422, $16.09 USD) lasts at least twice as long as standard router bits and works especially well with manmade materials, like melamine and other abrasive materials.

Amana maintains fully stocked fulfillment centers in Farmingdale, N.Y., and El Cajon, Calif., to ensure that customers’ immediate woodworking needs can be met in as little as one day.

“At Amana, we’ve spent decades refining our tool designs and manufacturing process to ensure that each router bit we produce is the best in the industry,” said Frank Misiti, technical director at Amana Tool. “We highly value the opportunity to solve common – and not-so-common – woodworking problems for our customers through innovative tool design, variety of profiles, high-quality materials and expedited product delivery.”

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