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The BEST Combination Bar Puller Cut-Off Tool for CNC

Somma Tool has created a bar puller and cut off too in one unit!!

This enables one operator to run several machines.

Somma Combination Bar Puller Cut OffSynchronous adjustment

  • Single wrench turn adjusts both gripping jaws
  • Infinite size adjustment within the gripping range
  • Quick change over adjustment to the next job

New modular design

  • Allows easy mounting and removal in any wedge lock style turret
  • Also allows mounting of the shank in any position (up to full turret depth) in the tool holder pocket

Saves a turret position

Rugged, compact dovetail slide construction

Reduces cycle time – no need to index between cut off and pulling operations

Single screw adjustment allows jaws to be set up and adjusted in minutes for next job

One turn of screw moves both jaws in or out exactly .100″

Screw adjustment is infinitely adjustable as opposed to serrated design that had adjustment limitations

Jaw carriers can also be individually adjusted to simplify centering with cut off blade

Will accept all popular brands of insert style cut off blades, which are sold separately
Designed to accept competitiors’ jaws and jaw fingers

Comes in 3/4″ and 1″ square shanks, standard

Also available with 1-1/4″ and metric square shanks – price on application

Somma Bar Puller with part demo

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