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Grinding wheel dressing

Here are some tips and guides for using tools to dress and true your grinding wheels for success from Norton Abrasives and Tools Illinois aka General Cutting Tools. Before a grinding wheel even touches a workpiece, it must first be trued and dressed, usually by a stationary diamond dressing tool. …

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Reducing Grinding Costs Using Advanced Abrasives from Norton

Cutting Tools Chicago by General Cutting Tools presents Advanced Abrasives from Norton Abrasives. Ceramic aluminum oxide wheels can increase the number of parts that can be ground between dressing routines, leading to centerless grinding cost savings. Reducing overall production costs in today’s globally competitive market requires identifying all contributing factors …

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Abrasives Glossary

Here are some of the commonly used terms used for abrasive products.  General Cutting Tool and VSM have provided these for you to better understand the abrasives you have and will purchase in the future. Abrasive A substance used for abrading – grinding – polishing – lapping, such as the …

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