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VSM Zirconia Grain Abrasives, Heavyweight Champion

Zirconia Alumina from VSM and Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools are coated abrasives are used in abusive grinding applications requiring heavy stock removal.  Zirconia Alumina is longer lasting, cuts faster and is more economical than Aluminum Oxide in demanding stock removal applications. VSM’s Zirconia products can be divided …

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Universal Grinding with VSM Abrasives

Gringing just got a whole lot easier with VSM’s introduction of SK875X abrasive line from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools located in Illinois.  The VSM SK875X is a universal product due to its robust polyester backing and special coating density. It is per­fectly suited for use with either …

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VSM Sandpaper & Sanding Discs

Flexible self-sharpening High-Tech product VSM KK772J Compactgrain is the newest abrasive available from VSM and Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools to the industry and public. The NEW VSM KK772J Compactgrain is a long life abrasive with consistent grinding performance, consistent surface finish and surface brightness throughout its long …

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COMPACTGRAIN by VSM – Cutting Tools Iowa

Cutting tools available from General Cutting Tools including the all new COMPACTGRAIN from VSM Abrasives to Iowa. Compactgrain COMPACTGRAIN is engineered with a unique resin bonded granulate construction that is much more durable than structured abrasives. COMPACTGRAIN provides customers with a uniform finish, consistent stock removal and long product life. …

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VSM’s Combikorn Construction Technology

Combikorn Technology is a special coating process developed by VSM‘s Research and Development staff and is now available from General Cutting Tools. The unique process provides the ceramic cutting grain with a firm support structure allowing for easy grain regeneration during the application process. Higher Cut Rate VSM’s Ceramic grain …

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VSM Abrasives in Chicago, Illinois

Bonded and coated abrasives from VSM can be found at General Cutting Tools in Chicago, Illinois with shipping to Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the rest of the states.  For over 130 years, VSM has established itself as a leader in the coated abrasives industry. With an expansive Technical …

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