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High Performance Drilling in Carbon Fiber (CFRP)

CUTS CLEAN HOLES. SHREDS COMPETITION. RobbJack tool distributor Chicago Solid PCD-Tipped W-Point Drill, designed specifically for Carbon Fiber Composites. This powerful, newly developed tool had all the features needed to do the job right, including: A solid polycrystalline diamond tip that outperforms diamond coating in materials with high plastic content, …

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Performance Machining of Composite, Carbon Fiber and Honeycomb Parts

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Tek-Rounds Chicago EPN-F Solid End Mills The increased popularity of composites in aerospace applications creates new challenges for shops that are used to cutting metal. One of these substances, Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), can be especially difficult to machining. These materials are extremely abrasive and difficult to …

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