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Consider the 3 Flute End Mill – Morse Cutting Tools

The Best Tool for Many Applications Morse Cutting Tools distributor Chicago The Morse Solid Carbide Three-Flute End Mill is a good choice when the application calls for rapid chip evacuation, as in slotting, and for profile milling or finish milling.  The three-flute geometry provides good chip management and produces a …

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Ingersoll Gold Twist Expansion

Ingersoll distributor Chicago Ingersoll’s new Gold Twist series of quick change drill tips & bodies have been gaining popularity throughout North America with proven performance and productivity gains. In light of this, we are pleased to announce several areas of expansion: Body Expansion: We now offer 1.5xD bodies to complement …

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Ingersoll T-Tank WNMX

Ingersoll distributor Chicago, Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools New WNMX inserts featuring improved stability. Ingersoll is pleased to announce the latest addition to the dynamic T-Tank product line. The WNMX trigon-shaped inserts offer 6 cutting edges and are a perfect extension of the economical T-Tank family. All inserts …

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Performance Machining of Composite, Carbon Fiber and Honeycomb Parts

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Tek-Rounds Chicago EPN-F Solid End Mills The increased popularity of composites in aerospace applications creates new challenges for shops that are used to cutting metal. One of these substances, Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), can be especially difficult to machining. These materials are extremely abrasive and difficult to …

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