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COMPACTGRAIN by VSM – Cutting Tools Iowa

Cutting tools available from General Cutting Tools including the all new COMPACTGRAIN from VSM Abrasives to Iowa.
COMPACTGRAIN is engineered with a unique resin bonded granulate construction that is much more durable than structured abrasives. COMPACTGRAIN provides customers with a uniform finish, consistent stock removal and long product life.VSM compactgrain abrasives available from General Cutting Tools

Granulate Construction
What sets COMPACTGRAIN apart from the competition is the unique construction used to form the prod¬uct’s granulates. This technique takes the abrasive grains and bonds them together with VSM’s specialized resins. This bonding system structure is critical to product performance.
What makes these granulates unique, is that during the grinding process, these granulates are designed to break down at the opti¬mum moment, releasing a used dulled grain and exposing a new sharp one.
Conventional abrasives in compari¬son have only one layer of grain that dulls quickly and does not regenerate resulting in shortened product life.

Uniform Finish
Another distinguishing characteris¬tic of COMPACTGRAIN is its ability to provide a uniform finish. Conven¬tional abrasives when first used cre¬ate high roughness on the part being finished but because of their quickly dulling grains their finish becomes much finer. This is not the case with CO M PACTGRAIN. Tests have shown the ability of COMPACTGRAIN to provide a uniform finish over a longer period of time.

Consistent Stock Removal
The final characteristic of COMPACT-GRAIN is its ability to provide con¬sistent stock removal throughout the life of the product. This is accomplished by the constant regeneration of the granulates which in-turn continually expose new sharp edges.
In contrast, conventional abrasives have high stock removal in the beginning of an application, but over time as the grain wears, stock removal is significantly reduced due to the dulling of the grain, until eventually it can no longer perform.
Products Available
VSM’s extensive COMPACT-GRAIN product line can accom¬modate a wide range of applica¬tions including flat and/or round polishing, robotic polishing of con¬toured parts, hand polishing of common carbon steels, and pol¬ishing of heat sensitive metals such as titanium and cobalt. Whatever the application, VSM has a product to meet your needs.

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