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Coolant Through Solid Carbide End Mills

Solid Carbide End Mills Now Available With Internal Coolant
Series 57I8 (short version) and 57H8 (long version) for Titanium alloys are now available with internal coolant supply.

The VariMill 2 Solid Carbide End Mill with internal coolant supply provides excellent performance in slotting and profiling operations with longer tool life.

Materials: Series 57I8 and 57H8 – specifically for Titanium alloys and Stainless Steels.
Where higher metal removal rates will save the user time & money
Where different tools are used for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing passes
Where different tools are used for slotting and profiling operations
All VariMill II™ end mills are designed to efficiently remove the most amount of material in the least amount of time.

Target Markets
Aerospace, Energy
There are many competitors but no one dominates. In most markets Hanita’s VariMill I is often considered the leader in
this style end mill.

Features, Functions and Benefits
Customers will benefit from
Increased tool life
Better chip removal
Reduced machining temperature
High metal removal rates
Fewer setups
Only one tool for both roughing and finishing operations

These benefits are achieved due to
VariMill II™’s unique design which enables heavier cuts (slotting and heavy side milling)
5 Flutes with unequal flute spacing
Unique end geometry for maximum strength
Proprietary flute form enabling very heavy cuts
Internal coolant channels for increased tool life
Multiple OAL (overall length) and LOC (length od cut) options

Key Selling Arguments
Enables true, chatter-free machining to provide maximum metal removal rates
High metal removal rate
Increased tool life due to internal coolant
5 flutes increase feed per revolution and improve surface finishes
One tool for roughing and finishing operations
Effective slotting up to full 1xD axial depth
Effective in side milling up to 0.5D radial by 1.5xD axial depth

Product Portfolio
VariMill II™ Carbide End Mills with internal coolant are offered as standard with Weldon flats and with cutting diameters from 16mm to 25mm.
Series 57I8 (short version) and 57H8 (long version) for Titanium Alloys.

All standard tools from these series have
Internal coolant
5 flutes
AlTiN Coating

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