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Deep Hole Drilling Without Pecking or Through Tool Coolant

Coolant delivery through the spindle has been one of the biggest successes for deep drilling operations.  Internal passages delivering coolant directly from the drill tip provides the pressure needed to push chips up the flutes and out of the hole.  High length to diameter ratios (30:1) can be performed without pecking cycles, reducing cycle time and extend tool life.  General Cutting Tools aka Cutting Tools Chicago has always been on the leading edge of progressing technology.

General Cutting Tools noted that many shops do not have the machining centers equipped with coolant delivery through the spindle.  This limits the length to diameter ratio that can be achieved and/or requiring shops to use pecking routines to generate deep holes.  In some instances, shops have had to outsource work to a deep hole drilling specialist.

General Cutting Tools is a distributor for many manufacturers of cutting tools that have tooling specifically designed for these types of shops using only flood coolant.  Special forms, low resistance web thinning, advanced cutting geometries all add to the success when drilling at very high length to diameter ratios.  In addition, tool coatings lower the coefficient of friction, increase feed rates, assist chip flow, and extend tool life for a wide range of materials.

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