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M.A. Ford High Performance Economy Drill FordMAX HPD

Twister HPD Series – 5xD

Performance, Precision, Economy

Series HPDSR and HPDCR

Self centering point that eliminates the need for spot drilling

h7 OD tolerance for precision holes

HP AlTiN Coating provides high toughness with low friction

5X Diameter with solid and coolant through options

4.1mm-16.0mm manufactured to DIN 6537L

Available in both inch and metric cutting diameters

h6 Shank OD Tolerance for shrink fit applications

Material Applications:  Carbon Steels, Austenitic Stainless Steels and Titanium

An economical choice perfect for job shop and batch production work requiring a high performance drill option

M.A. Ford’s new HPD series of high performance drills offers exceptional performance at economical pricing.  Coated with HP AlTiN, the HPD series of drills ensure that regardless the application, M.A. Ford’s HPD drills can meet your entire hole making requirements.

M.A. Ford Max HPD Drills
M.A. Ford Max HPD Drills

General Cutting Tools is a complete M.A. Ford cutting tool distributor.

Contact us for more information on these or any other item in M.A. Ford’s catalog.

M.A. Ford has one of the most complete range of drills across the industry, from high precision micro drills, micro end mills, and circuit board drills up to high performance, large diameter drills.  These are the perfect solution for machining aluminum, stainless steel and exotic alloys.  When you need to drill holes, the M.A. Ford® Cyclone™ and Twister® drills have all the answers.

To see M.A. Ford’s complete offering of high performance and general purpose drills, contact General Cutting Tools at 847-677-8770 or MA_Ford@generalcuttingtools.com

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