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Freud Leader in Manufacturing & Engineering Chicago Illinois

Feel the Freud difference in technology and quality in the tools from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools.  Premium Anti Fatigue Steel Pre-Hardened and pre-flattened steel (46 to 48 Rc)-recognized as the world’s highest quality steel-ensures precision manufacturing and performance longevity, even under heavy load.

Average Soft Rolled Steel

Rolled, soft steel (30 Rc) cannot maintain precision manufacturing tolerances and is therefore unable to remain stable and precise under load.

Hi-Performance Laser Cut Revolutionary high-tech lasers cut each Freud saw blade, ensuring a precise blade body time after time. These lasers are so powerful, Freud is able to utilize a high strength steel (46 to 48 Rc) for the blade bodies, so they will remain flat and true, even after years of use.

Competitors Stamped Die Cut Blades

Most other manufacturers are forced to use a softer metal (30 Rc) because the ,stamp’ or die is also made of steel. This punching process cuts 2/3 of the way through the material; the remaining 1/3 is stretched until it tears. This process creates stresses in the blade that often lead to blade flexing and ‘wandering’ within the cut.

Safety Feature: Kickback Reducing Design

New shoulder design for added safety, reduces the effects of dangerous kickbacks and make the saw blades good at cutting wood with lose knots & nails, and are superb at cutting even the poorest quality chipboard.

Competitors No Safety Feature

Saw blades without anti-kickback system gives no safety benefit at all to the user and may also damage the blade and the workpiece itself.

Anti-vibration Technology

Freud’s anti-vibration design stabilizes the blade to reduce chatter for a flawless finish and long life. This feature also produces a low noise saw blade.

Competitors No anti-vibration

Saw blades without anti-vibration vent technology can move sidways in the cut producing chattering and noise, resulting in poor cut quality.


All Freud blades are precision balanced to ensure vibration-free cuts. Blades are balanced on computer-controlled equip­ment that determines exactly where material needs to be removed. Once material is removed its rechecked to ensure a perfectly balanced blade.

Competitors Imperfectly Balanced Saw Blades

A non-balanced blade has different weights in various parts of its body which evokes vibration during rotation and an unbalanced blade can also chat­ter and create unnecessary rework cost­ing quality, time, and money.

Tensioning Ring

Pretensioning balances the centrifugal and thermal forces the blade endures while cutting and secures that the blade stays truer under load. Freud’s exclusive computer-controlled equipment pre­tensions the blades, leaving a faint ring near the outside diameter of the blades.

Competitors Non-Tensioned Blade

Some manufactures do not tension their blades. Saw blades that are not properly tensioned cannot handle changes in temperature and stresses endured in standard cutting app­lications. A non-tensioned blade can lead to an unstable cut causing premature wear of carbide teeth, poor cutting finish and a reduction in the cutting life of a saw blade.

Expansion Slots Reduce Noise

The Freud designed laser cut expansion slots are unique in design to dissipate blade stress over a greater area and produce a quieter operation.

Competitors High Noise with Die Cut Expansion Slots

Other designs are not as effective at reducing stress.  Punched holes can lead to cracking and high noise.

Super Square Tooth Design

The super square tooth cuts more precisely than a normal tooth and with a higher number of sharpenings, lasts longer than standard teeth.

Competitors Normal Tooth

The larger cutting surface of a traditional tooth compromises the cutting quality because the tool tends to follow the work pieces grain.

Tri-metal Brazing

Freud’s innovative Tri-Metal Brazing process bonds the carbide tips to the steel blade body. This method consists of copper alloy sandwiched between layers of silver alloy. The copper allows for flexibility and impact resistance to protect the carbide tips and steel shoulders when cutting knots, laminates, hardwoods, etc.

Competitors Standard Brazing

Other manufacturers only use silver alloy, which does not allow for expansion during operation. This causes the bond to develop stresses, leading to cracks in the carbide and failed joints.

Freud’s technology can be yours, in your shop.  Contact General Cutting Tools for a free quote on anything in the Freud catalog.  General Cutting Tools, your authorized Freud dealer.

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