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Freud Leaders in Carbide Technology Chicago Illinois

Freud along with Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools is bringing Freud to the Chicago market with not only new tools but also resharpening and reconditioning service shipping to Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota and the rest of the US.

TiCoTm Hi-Density Carbide is a new specially formulated, highly compact Titanium (Ti) Cobalt (Co) Carbide engineered and manufactured by Freud to maximize performance on all Freud cutting tools.

This new carbide is much smaller and more densely packed than other carbides on the market today, enabling the carbide teeth on Freud’s blades, bits and cutters to last up to four times longer than standard products. Carbide size and density are extremely important when it comes to sharpness as well as the rate at which an edge wears. In woodworking applications, the larger the carbide grain, the faster an edge will wear.

While standard carbides measure as large as 5 microns, and an advanced micrograin carbide can measure at 1 micron, Freud’s TiCo Hi-Density carbide is miniscule in comparison at .6-.8 microns, with a super density blend as small as .4 microns making it ideal for laminates.

TiCoTm Hi-Density Carbide Freud’s premium quality TiCo Hi-Density Carbide allows for a sharper edge that gives a better finish with a dramatically longer cutting life. And, since the grains are much smaller and more dense there is not as dramatic a loss to the cutting edge, so wear occurs much more slowly.

Standard Grade Carbide

Large grain carbides cannot be sharpened to such tight tolerances and as a result leave a rougher finish. Plus, the cutting edge wears much more quickly due to larger pieces of material eroding away with use. In fact, after just a few cuts with standard carbides, life and finish begin to suffer.

Using precise mixtures of Cobalt (for impact resistance), Titanium (for its anti-corrosive properties), Tungsten (for its hardness), and a number of proprietary elements, Freud creates over 20 different blends of TiCo Hi-Density Carbide designed specifically to maximize blade life and material finish in a variety of applications. Other carbides that are purchased “off-the-shelf” are usually non-specific and therefore will not maintain the proper tooth geometry or sharp edge.

Freud’s Industrial Carbide Blends range from highly impact resistant for durability in ripping to extremely hard for maintaining a sharp edge in laminate cutting. The panel saw blades feature TiCoTm Hi-Density Panel Sizing Blend—the newest advanced blend of super dense, sub micro grain carbide was designed exclusively by Freud for panel-sizing applications.

Contact General Cutting Tools, your authorized Freud Distributor.

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