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Freud Leaders in Coating Technology Chicago Illinois

All Freud blades feature industry-first protective coatings to shield the blades from extreme heat, build-up and corrosion; all of which are available from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools.

About Freud’s Silver I.C.E. (Industrial Cooling Element) Coating

Silver I.C.E.TM Coating – a revolutionary new coating that resists corrosion and resin or “pitch” build-up and resists heat up to 2X longer than standard polished blades.

Blades featuring Silver I.C.E.TM Coating resist corrosion and build-up, and have 2 times more heat resistance and life than polished blades.

Silver I.C.E TM Coating protects the blade from heat stress that can cause rapid loss of tension, which in turn causes blade warp, over heating and poor cut quality. Additionally, this coating reduces the possibility for pitch build-up, which further reduces the heat element responsible for drag on the motor. Less drag means longer tool life and longer blade life. Less pitch also means less down time for blade cleaning.

About Freud’s Titanium SHIELD TM Coating

Titanium SHIELD T11 – a state of the art aluminum/titanium coating option available only by Freud to dramatically prolong the life of panel saw blades by 7X over standard polished blades.

Titanium SHIELD TM Coating virtually eliminates heat generated from friction. The non-stick coating envelops the blade plate and cutting edge in a protective layer resulting in complete thermal insulation in even the harshest conditions. Blades coated with Titanium SHIELD TM resist binding in large volume cutting, which reduces blade warp. This lubricating feature allows the blades to spin freely and reduce stress on the motor and saw carriage, in turn prolonging the life of the machine. Like Silver I.C.E., Titanium SHIELDTm eliminates pitch and debris build­up reducing down time for cleaning. Recommended only for applications cutting stacked material greater than 40mm in height.

Coated Blades Reduce Blade Drag Freud’s coatings significantly reduce blade drag keeping the blade cool, improving the quality of cut, and extending the life of the blade.

Competitors Standard Uncoated Saw Blades
A non-coated saw blade produces more drag and develops more heat. This heat distorts most saw blades, compromising its cut quality and reducing its cutting life.

Prevents Corrosion
Freud coatings protect the blade from humidity and corrosion, therefore improving feed rate and extending the life of the blade.

Competitors Open to Corrosion
A non-coated saw blade is more susceptible to corrosion, therefore increasing blade drag, reducing blade life, and causing more strain on the saw’s motor.

Reduces Pitch Build-up
Freud’s coatings reduces pitch build up; maintaining the quality of cut and reducing blade clean up time.

Competitors Pitch Build-up
A non-coated saw blade is receptive to pitch build up; altering the blade’s cutting performance with life and finish.

All Freud tools are available from General Cutting Tools.  Contact us today for a free quote.  We ship to all of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and the rest of the US.

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