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Garr Tool 3 Flute Solid Carbide Drills Series 1180

Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools present high performance drilling using solid carbide cutting tools from Garr Tool.  Today, we will be talking about Garr Tool’s series 1180 3 flute solid carbide drill.  This high performance drill is designed for drilling aluminum, drilling titanium, drilling brass, drilling bronze, drilling copper, drilling magnesium, and drilling composite materials.  The drill tip has a 140° point angle with a self-centering tip.  So, no spot drilling is required.Garr Tool 3 flute HP carbide drill

Garr Tool has designed a unique point geometry and coating to give you higher speeds and feeds rates, lowering your cycle times.  In addition, the ALUMASTAR coating delivers up to five times longer tool life than Zirconium Nitride (Zrn) coated drills.

This drill has the high performance drill point, 30° helix and 5xD drilling depth to work for your application where high performance, high speed drilling is needed.

Metric, fractional, wire and letter sizes available from 4.00mm (.1575 in) to 16mm (.6299).

Contact us at General Cutting Tools to get a sample tool to test in your shop.  See the difference with Garr Tool.  Cadillac quality at a Chevy price.

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