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Solid carbide cutting tools in Chicago by Garr Tool can be found at General Cutting Tools.  As one of Garr Tool’s premier distributors in the entire United States, we offer high quality, solid carbide tooling at excellent prices.  Garr has a complete assortment of tooling available.  Solid carbide drills, high performance solid carbide drills, high performance solid carbide end mills, solid carbide end mills, stub end mills, standard length end mills, extra length end mills, rotary files, carbide reamers and solid carbide blanks.  Garr Tool also offers tooling specifically designed and engineered for aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, cobalt, nickel, iron-based alloys, hardened steels, composite materials, carbon steel and medium alloy steels.

General Cutting Tools also offers in house modification as well as resharpening and reconditioning service for the complete Garr Tool line.  If you need a modified standard or a complete engineered special tool, General Cutting Tools is your one stop answer.  We serve Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota.

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