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Greenfield Basic Machining Tech Tip: Coolant Considerations

Although Greenfield Tap and Die manufactures cutting tools and not coolant, we at Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools understand how coolant can dramatically affect the performance of our tools and, ultimately, the cost of your operation.

Coolant performs two basic functions when used in drilling, milling, and threading applications:1) to reduce the heat generated during cutting, and 2) to lubricate and reduce friction between the chip and the tool.

Coolant, which is mostly water, helps to cool the chip when it is sheared away from the workpiece. It includes a small amount of oil which acts as a lubricant to improve the surface finish and evacuate cut chips from the flutes.

Because excessive heat and friction can dull a tool, coolant helps to extend tool life. Using the recommended water/oil ratio is important. Too often, users will alter this ratio significantly in an effort to reduce cost. This can cause tool life to decrease rapidly. For example, a drill which normally yields thousands of holes, may now only last for a few hundred holes.

When selecting a coolant, choose one that is suitable for both the material and the particular machining operation and follow the manufacturer’s mixing recommendations. For example, high-speed machining with carbide tools might require coolant, while tapping might require cutting oil.

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