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Greenfield EX-HPC Extreme High-Performance Solid Carbide Taps for Through Hole Tapping

Extreme high performance tapping by Greenfield from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools can be in your shop.


  • runs 5 times faster, lasts 4 times longer than conventional taps
  • enhanced tap precision and design for superior accuracy of product thread
  • fully cylindrical shanks for use with hydraulic or shrink-fit holders for optimal performance
  • may also be used with Tremendous Grip High Precision (TGHP) collet holders
  • common fractional or metric tap shank sizes that match solid carbide tap drill shanks (DIN 6535)
  • tap runout less than 10 microns (0.0004″) for superior thread quality and excellent tap performance
  • newly designed cutting edges modified by a patented process to resist chipping
  • patented PVD nanolayer TiAIN/TiN coated carbide grade for highest edge strength and wear resistance (other patents pending)
  • available with straight flutes or left hand spiral flutes (right hand thread)
  • left hand spiral flute taps designed for maximum chip control and free cutting in through holes
  • engineered custom solutions available upon request
  • through coolant hole, semi-bottoming chamfer, straight flute design for blind holes available on request
  • after use, can be factory reconditioned to original patented specifications and tolerances

Application Information:

  • may be used at 4-5 times the tapping speed of HSS taps and still obtain 4 times life
  • designed for use on CNC machines with synchronous or rigid tapping control and precision tool holders
  • low-carbon steel
  • free-machining steel
  • medium and high plain carbon, alloy, and tool steels
  • ferritic, martensitic, and PH stainless steels (not recommended for austenitic 303, 304, 316 SS)
  • ductile (nodular) and malleable cast irons
  • gray cast iron
  • use straight fluted taps for sizes M16 and larger and for ductile and cast iron and for materials producing broken chips
  • use on high-speed drilling/tapping machines and machining and turning centers that are equipped with rigid hydraulic, shrink-fit, or TGHP precision collet tool holders

To place an order, contact General Cutting Tools, your authorized Greenfield Tap and Die distributor.

We ship to Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and the reset of the US.

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