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High Feed Roughing End Mills from Ingersoll Cutting Tools

Series 45D…RP
4- and 5-Flute 38° High-Feed Roughing Endmills feature Variable Pitch and Chip Splitters

Ingersoll’s series 45D…RP solid carbide roughing endmills give you the optimal solution for all roughing operations. This series covers a wide range of applications including slotting, pocketing, helical interpolation and contouring.

Features and Benefits

  • 4- and 5-flutes with 38° and large corner radii
  • An end mill that provides the highest advantage in cavity milling and heavy roughing cuts
  • The serrated cutting edge features fl at peaks which leave a better surface finish when compared to competitors’ roughing endmills

Tool Diameter Range: 0.250″ – 0.750″
Number of Flutes: 4 and 5
Overall Length Range: 2.50″ – 4.00″
Helix Angle: 38°
Corner: 0.050″ – 0.150″
Grade: IN2005

Ingersoll 3n1 end mills
Ingersoll 3n1 end mills

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