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High Performance Aluminum End Mills from Garr Tool

High performance machining can be in your shop. Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools presenting here a high performance series from Garr Tool designed, engineered and tested specifically for high speed machining of aluminum. This solid submicron grain carbide end mill also contains specific coating engineered to repel aluminum. With these end mills you can machine at high velocity and high metal removal rates for 5,000 to 25,000 RPM spindles. 750-2500 SFM is sure able to remove aluminum material in a hurry. Because of the elevated spindle speeds and high feed rates, properly balanced holders are needed.

Garr Tool series 143 is available in metric and fractional sizes from 4.00mm (.1575 in) to 25.40mm (1.000 in). Square end, ball end, extended reach as well as necked relief are available on the shelf for immediate delivery. Slotting or profiling, these solid carbide end mills are the one to choose for the machining of aluminum.

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See the difference with Garr Tool. Cadillac quality at a Chevy price.

Garr Tool end mills

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