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High Strength Buff & Blend

Higher Productivity Than Ever!!
New high strength coarse A/O  buff and blend abrasives from Standard Abrasives and Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools.  Standard Abrasives is a leader in product innovation and new product
design. Our reputation continues, with the introduction of High Strength Coarse A/O material to our line of High Strength Buff & Blend products.

Discover for yourself the enhanced power, consistency, long life and quality performance of High Strength Buff & Blend.

standard abrasives brite riteHigh Strength Coarse A/O – Green

Standard Abrasives buff & blendThe new High Strength Buff & Blend material is the best choice for tough applications that require a higher rate of cut or a coarser finish than High Strength Medium. It is ideal for satin and grain finishing applications, as well as blending and cleaning surface imperfections.
Markets Stainless Steel FabricatorsPlumbing Fixtures

Metal Fabricators

Door Hardware

Food Equipment Manufacturers

Aluminum Extruded Products

Applications Satin and grain finishing of metal surfacesBlending and cleaning surface imperfections
Rigid Construction
Capable of withstanding high contact pressure without folding over when run as a plain disc.

Standard Abrasives Buff & BlendIncreased Cut Rate
Measurable cut rate increase over High Strength Medium.

Consistent Finish
Produces a coarse finish similar to Surface Conditioning material.

Durable enough to finish edges and welds.

Products Quick Change Discs

Plain Discs

Flap Brushes

Cross Buffs

General Cutting Tools is an authorized distributor of Standard Abrasives.  Contact us for a quote.

(847) 677-8770

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