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Indexable Tool Repair Chicago

Cutting Tool Repair Chicago

Broken or damaged tooling repair is far, far less expensive than purchasing new.  Send us your broken and/or damaged tools.  We can save you up to 85% over purchasing a new tool holder.

  • Indexable boring bar repair
  • Indexable endmill repair
  • Indexable drill repair
  • Indexable milling cutter repair
  • Indexable ball nose endmill repair
  • Indexable helical endmill repair
  • Indexable cartridge repair
  • Special tool repair
  • Indexable face mill repair
  • Slab mill repair
  • Porting tool repair
  • Mueller reamer repair
  • Counterbore repair
  • Spade drill repair
  • V-flange tooling repair
  • Spot face repair
  • Rotating tool repair
  • Double feed indexable porting tool repair
  • Lathe tool repair
  • Groove tool repair
  • Carbide shank boring bar repair
  • Heavy metal boring bar repair
  • Step drill repair
  • Modular tooling repair


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