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Ingersoll Chip Surfer Tip Resharpening

Ingersoll’s new precision solid carbide modular tooling system called Chip-Surfer is excellent, but what do you do with your dull tips?  Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tool can resharpen and recondition those tips to like new performance.

Ingersoll Chip-Surfer Resharpening
Ingersoll Chip-Surfer Resharpening

Don’t throw your tips away.

Save money by having General Cutting Tools resharpen your tools.  We use ANCA 7 axis CNC tool cutter grinders with high quality diamond wheels.  With your resharpened tools, you will receive precision ground tolerance for accurate finishing.  The advanced geometry is maintained using CNC tool cutter grinders.

We also can make special cutter tips for your specific application.  Simply provide us with a drawing or sketch.

We serve Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and the rest of the US.

Contact us for a quotation.

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