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Ingersoll Chip Surfer Tip Sharpening, Reconditioning, Modification

Extend the life of your chip surfer tips from Ingersoll.  General Cutting Tools is a factory authorized resharpening center for your Ingersoll chip surfer carbide tips.  Using our 7 axis CNC tool cutter grinders, we can sharpen and recondition your used Ingersoll Chip Surfer tips.  Also, we can take existing tools and modify them to fit your specific need.  Special diameters, special radius, special shape; we can do it all.  Normal lead time for Ingersoll factory modification is around FOUR WEEKS. Our normal delivery is 3-5 days. We also have rush delivery available.

Contact us to learn more about how General Cutting Tools can save you money by sharpening and reconditioning your used tooling.

General Cutting Tools is an authorized Ingersoll Cutting Tools distributor.

We serve Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and ship the rest of the United States.

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