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Ingersoll Cutting Tool Quad Twist Drill

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Expanded Diameters and Longer Shanks

Ingersoll Cutting Tools is proud to announce that the Quad-Twist line has grown. The new diameter expansion includes 27.0mm (1.063″) – 31.0mm (1.219″), complementing our existing 14.3mm (.563″) – 26.2mm (1.031”), and a new 9mm SOMT style insert in grades IN2505, IN6505 and IN1030 with the same unique insert design to break up hard to machine, gummy materials including low carbon steels, stainless and exotics. New diameters and inserts are in stock and available.  Additional sizes, 1.250″ (31.8mm) to 2.000″ (50.8mm) with the new R02 shank coming by the end of 3rd quarter, 2013.

drillWe have also implemented a new shank design, starting with the expanded diameters. The new longer shank will give the Quad-Twist drill additional stability when used in stationary applications, allowing two-screw contact on the shank fl at and a more rigid setup. The Quad-Twist does not include a brass coolant plug for lathes that do not provide coolant through so please order separately. We have included a cutoff notch to shorten the shank for rotating applications, if necessary. The new shank design is designated “R02” at the end of the item description. The original shank style will remain “R01.”

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Quad-Twist Drill now have improved body rigidity and prolonged tool life.  They feature a drill body hardness of over HRc 50 as well as a special surface treatment.  This special surface treatment has a harder surface and allows for smooth chip flow.  Also, it increases resistance to fatigue failure, corrosion and stress cracking.

Drill Diameters:
.563”~1.219” (14.3 – 31.0mm)
Larger Diameters Coming Soon:
1.250″~2.000″ (31.8 – 50.8mm)

Drill Bodies:

quad-twist_r01_r02R01 – Standard Shank
R02 – Extended Length Shank

Side coolant port
Twisted flute for maximum chip evacuation

Carbide Grades
IN2505 (PVD) – General Purpose
Sub-micron grade with high hardness and toughness
New Multi-layered coating for higher chipping resistance
Post-coat surface treatment improves chipping resistance and reduces cutting forces
First choice for general applications
Inboard and outboard pockets

IN6505 (CVD) – Steel Application
Multi-layered CVD coating along with post coat surface treatment provides excellent wear resistance and improves chipping resistance
Peripheral (Outboard) pocket only

IN1030 (PVD) – Cast Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium
Tough, slower speed applications
If inboard chipping is an issue, IN1030 can tolerate low SFM
More forgiving when machine rigidity is an issue

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