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Ingersoll Cutting Tools Face Mill Selection – #1

We at Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools along with Ingersoll Cutting Tools are going back to the basics of face mill design to select a tool to match your application.
When milling with an indexable face mill, the work piece, machine, and fixturing must all be as rigid as possible. This will help ensure efficient use of this type of tool and produce the results required.  Only cutters using indexable carbide inserts will be discussed here.Ingersoll Cutting Tools logo

Proper Cutter Diameter

For maximum efficiency, two-thirds of the cutter diameter should engage the work piece. In other words, the cutter diameter should be 1-1/2 times the width of cut desired.
Ingersoll Cutting Tools climb millingClimb milling using this cutter diameter to width of cut ratio will ensure a favorable entry angle into the work piece.
If uncertain as to whether the machine has enough horsepower to operate the cutter under this ratio, it may be best to divide the axial depth of cut into two passes (or more) to maintain as closely as possible this cutter diameter to width of cut ratio.

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