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Ingersoll Cutting Tools Face Mill Selection – #3

We at Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools along with Ingersoll Cutting Tools are going back to the basics of face mill design to select a tool to match your application.
When milling with an indexable face mill, the work piece, machine, and fixturing must all be as rigid as possible. This will help ensure efficient use of this type of tool and produce the results required.  Only cutters using indexable carbide inserts will be discussed here.

Effective Lead AnglesIngersoll Cutting Tools logo

Cutter lead angles also affect performance. A 45° lead tool reduces chip thickness about 30 percent as compared to a 0° lead tool (Fig. 4).  This allows you to maintain a given chip load at a higher feed rate, increasing the metal removal rate.Ingersoll Cutting Tools lead angles
A proper lead angle allows a cutter to enter and exit the cut more smoothly, minimizing shock to the cutting edges.  Work piece edge break-out, a common problem when machining cast iron, can be significantly reduced or eliminated by use of increased lead angle. The lead angle allows the cutting edge to exit the work piece gradually. This reduces radial pressure and minimizes breakout.
Remember that increasing the lead angle to reduce radial pressure does increase axial pressure. This can cause deflection of the machined surface when the work piece has a thin cross-section.

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