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Ingersoll Cutting Tools Face Mill Selection – #4

We at Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools along with Ingersoll Cutting Tools are going back to the basics of face mill design to select a tool to match your application.
When milling with an indexable face mill, the work piece, machine, and fixturing must all be as rigid as possible. This will help ensure efficient use of this type of tool and produce the results required.  Only cutters using indexable carbide inserts will be discussed here.

Choosing Cutter Density

The cutter density must allow chips to form properly and clear the cut. Inadequate chip space can cause chips to plug the gullet, breaking the cutting edge and possibly damaging the work piece.
However, the cutter must have sufficient density to keep at least one insert in the cut at all times. Failure to do this could cause severe pounding which can lead to chipped cutting edges, a damaged cutter, and excess wear to the machine.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools cutter density
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Coarse pitch tools, with 1 to 1-1/2 inserts per inch of diameter, allow for greater chip gullet space. These tools are recommended for soft materials that produce continuous chips, and in wide cuts with a long insert engagement.
It is desirable to have at least one insert in contact with the work piece at all times. Fine pitch tools, though primarily for cast iron, are also good for shallow or narrow cuts in high-temperature alloys where light chip loads are taken. Small chips require a smaller gullet, allowing more inserts per inch.
Ingersoll Cutting Tools logoAlthough selecting a face mill can be a complicated and somewhat subjective process, these guidelines can give you a good starting point. By using and expanding on these principles, you will be able to select a face mill for any operation in your plant.

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