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Ingersoll Cutting Tools General Application Info – #1

The following information is directed toward indexable carbide tools but it can be applied to many other cutting tools, as well. It provides some basic guidelines designed to serve as a starting point for safe and reliable performance. Contact your Ingersoll Cutting Tools Company sales engineer or Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools for specific application assistance.


Use the most rigid cutter possible.  This usually means the cutter with the largest diameter and shortest length. Use the best adaption possible. Integral tapers, such as a 50 V-flange, are better than straight shanks. When selecting straight shank tools, use a cutter with the largest diameter shank possible and a holder with the shortest length possible.
Ingersoll Cutting Tools logoEffective cutting edges. When calculating feed rate, use the effective number of inserts. In extended flute cutters, the effective number of inserts is not the number of rows. Use the effective number listed with the specifications for each series of tools.

Chip load

Carbide cutting tools have to take a “bite” to cut. Be sure to cut with an adequate chip load. Light chip loads can contribute to chatter, causing a cutter to “rub” instead of “bite.” This can also result in poor tool life. As a general rule, chip loads should not be less than .004″. Also, be sure to use Radial Chip Thinning Factors (RCTF) when calculating feed rates.
Chip recutting. Unlike HSS, carbide cutting tools cannot recut chips. Recutting chips will damage carbide. To evacuate chips, use air or coolant depending on the material being cut.


Generous amounts of coolant are required when low thermal conductivity, work hardening, and chip welding tendencies are evident.  Use coolant only when necessary. Some materials cut better dry. In some applications, coolant causes thermal cracking of inserts and poor tool life.

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