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Ingersoll Cutting Tools General Application Info – #2

The following information is directed toward indexable carbide tools but it can be applied to many other cutting tools, as well. It provides some basic guidelines designed to serve as a starting point for safe and reliable performance. Contact your Ingersoll Cutting Tools Company sales engineer or Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools for specific application assistance.

Feed Rates

Reduce feed rates by 50 percent when entering or exiting a cut.  Since fewer inserts are engaged in the work, pounding can occur. Reducing feed rates will reduce the shock of the interrupted cut and contribute to longer tool life.  When entering a corner during pocket milling, a larger portion of the cutter’s diameter is engaged. Power requirements and tool deflection increase. To compensate, program a reduced interpolated feed rate. Alternately, drill or plunge the corner prior to milling.

Cutter rotation.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools logoClimb cut whenever possible. Carbide is designed for climb milling and will not generally perform as well when conventional cutting. Conventional cutting may be employed on older machines to minimize backlash.  It can also extend tool life in sandy, scaly, or torch-cut surfaces as the cutting edge enters into cleaner, softer material.


Generally, harder materials should be machined at the lowest speed in Surface Feet per Minute (SFM) in the recommended range and softer materials at the higher recommended speed.
At 375 Brinell hardness, steel becomes very difficult to machine. Use the slowest recommended speed and the toughest carbide insert available. An edge hone may also be necessary to machine such hard material effectively.

Chip color

The color of the chips can also indicate how well your operation is performing. For example, carbon steel chips are blue. Stainless steel chips should be silver to straw colored, not blue. Titanium and nickel-based material chips should never change color.

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