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Ingersoll Cutting Tools General Application Info – #3

The following information is directed toward indexable carbide tools but it can be applied to many other cutting tools, as well. It provides some basic guidelines designed to serve as a starting point for safe and reliable performance. Contact your Ingersoll Cutting Tools Company sales engineer or Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools for specific application assistance.

Ball Nose Milling

Ingersoll Cutting Tools logoBall nose end milling is a unique application that presents unique challenges. The nose inserts on a ball nose end mill are subjected to extreme abnormal and inconsistent work stresses. This is due, in part, to the wide variance in SFM and chip load from the radial to the axial end of the insert.
In order to minimize the stresses generated by this condition, the spindle axis can be tilted to raise the center point of the tool out of the cut. This “sturz” milling greatly reduces the force variance on the insert and helps to equalize the chip load.
To utilize this technique in optimizing your ball nose milling application, you must be able to tilt your machine spindle relative to the work piece.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools sturz milling

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