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Ingersoll Cutting Tools General Application Info – #4

The following information is directed toward indexable carbide tools but it can be applied to many other cutting tools, as well. It provides some basic guidelines designed to serve as a starting point for safe and reliable performance. Contact your Ingersoll Cutting Tools Company sales engineer or Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools for specific application assistance.

Indexing Ingersoll Inserts

Ingersoll’s bent screw design used with on-edge inserts forces the insert into the corner of the pocket. The screw actually bends, locking the insert in place.
Conventional insert mounting is also common on Ingersoll products. In this case, the screw does not force the insert toward the corner of the pocket. Be sure to apply pressure into the pocket while tightening the insert screws.
Care should always be taken not to over tighten insert screws. Over-tightened screws can become difficult to remove.  Torque requirements are given for each cutter.
Indexing Ingersoll cutters is simple due to their design. However, care must be taken to make sure that the insert pocket is clean and the insert is properly seated.
After the used insert has been removed, clean the pocket. Visually inspect the cutter to see that no damage has been sustained from use. Place the insert into the pocket and start the screw. While tightening the screw, apply downward pressure on the insert toward the corner of the pocket.
Snugness will be felt on the screw as the insert seats. Do not over-tighten the insert screw. Be sure to apply the proper amount of torque listed in Ingersoll’s catalogs.
If there is any doubt about the insert seating, check the seating surfaces with a .001″ feeler gauge.
If the feeler gauge fits between the insert and the wall of the cutter pocket, the insert is not properly seated.  Inspect the pocket for cleanliness or burrs and repeat the seating procedure. Cutters that have been damaged may have insert pockets that will no longer allow proper seating. Such tools should be replaced or returned to Ingersoll for repair.

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