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Ingersoll Cutting Tools GOLD-MAX4 FFIN Chicago

Ingersoll is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest Super-finishing face mill,GOLD-MAX4 FFIN.  The generous .300” wide crowned wiper provides high quality finishes with superior flatness, eliminating the need for finish grinding operations. While most MicroMill finishing inserts are designed for depths of cut less than .010”, the GOLD-MAX4 FFIN easily handles depths of cut up to .038”.

  • Cutter diameters from Ø3.00” thru Ø8.00”
  • High precision cutter bodies with tangentially mounted inserts offering (4) insert indexes.
  • Micro Finishing possible at 4X’s the typical axial depth of cut.
  • Large elliptical radius aligns itself to the surface.
  • Multiple carbide grades for all material types.


Cutting Tools Chicago, General Cutting Tools is a complete Ingersoll cutting tools distributor.  For more information, please contact us.

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