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Ingersoll Cutting Tools ISO-Plus Milling Cutter

Ingersoll cutting tools distributor Chicago, Illinois
ISO-Plus Quad 90 degree 8 cutting edges per insert milling cutters

This milling cutter is available in diameters from 2″ up to 8″.

Two Sided Technology is incorporated to the ISO Quad inserts for an Ingersoll Exclusive product named ISO Plus. Users benefit by doubling their cutting edges from 4 to 8 while also taking advantage of clean shearing pressed rake face performance for ideal machining efficiency.

Features & Benefits include:
• 8 positive cutting edges with 90° shoulder
• .50” max depth of cut
• .24” depth of cut along 90° shoulder
• Medium and high density cutter offerings
• 2.00 to 8.00” diameter range
• Cutters equipped with coolant through


Uses Inserts:
SNGU13 IN2505
SNGU13 IN2510
SNGU13 IN2530
SNGU13 IN2540
SNGU13 IN4030
SNGU13 IN6515
SNGU13 IN4015

• Stainless Steel
• Hi-temp Alloys
• Iron
• Steel

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