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Ingersoll Cutting Tools QuikReam Guidelines

QwikReam Guidelines for High Speed Reaming

As the cutting speed and feed are much higher than in conventional reaming, the following guidelines should be adhered to:

The machine being used should be in good condition, meaning:

  • Very rigid, to minimize vibration and low runout
  • Equipped with an internal coolant spindle

The reamers being used for high speed reaming are usually coated or made from PCD/CBN.

Conventional reaming should be considered:

  • When the machine is not sufficiently rigid.
  • If only external cooling can be used.
  • In special applications such as thin walled tubes or when reaming soft materials (plastic, etc).
  • When there is a demand to use floating adapters (GFI).

QwikReam Gradesqwik-ream_5

The reaming heads are available in IN2005 grade which is a submicron substrate, TiAlN PVD coated. IN2005 is Ingersoll’s most versatile grade, covering a wide range of workpiece materials and machining conditions. IN2005 features very high fracture and wear resistance which is required for efficient high speed reaming. A special coating process of the TiAlN PVD coating ensures very accurate and uniform coating thickness keeping a sharp cutting edge.

The following grades can be provided on request:

  • PCD grade for machining aluminum
  • PCBN grade for machining cast iron
  • Cermet

QwikReam Range

The standard QwikReam line will cover the range of .4528” – 1.2600” (11.500 – 32.000mm). There are 5 bayonet sizes with their corresponding bayonet screws and clamping keys covering this range.

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