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QwikReam indexable thru coolant, high speed reaming system is now able to generate a diameter range of .4528”-1.2600” (11.50-32.00mm) for both blind and thru- hole applications. It offers the ability to machine bores with 30-40x’s higher feed rates when compared to conventional reaming methods thus resulting in a major reduction of cycles times.

This QwikReam system consists of a 3 piece, patented frontal loading/indexing mechanism including a toolholder, bayonet screw, and replaceable reaming head. The head can be indexed while still in the machine/arbor resulting in virtually ZERO set up times and while also reducing the risk of components becoming dropped or lost during indexing.


QwikReam Application Range

The QwikReam system is designed for high speed reaming. In comparison to the conventional method, this advanced solution allows increasing the feeds dramatically (more than 30 times faster). This feature is most advantageous in mass production industries. When large quantities of workpieces are involved, the savings in machining time, labor cost and productivity are multiplied greatly.

The QwikReam system is more expensive when compared to a conventional reamer. However, due to its high productivity, shorter production time and elimination of setup time, the tool cost per part is significantly lower.

QwikReam Bore Types

The QwikReam can be used for blind and through holes as well as for holes with cross holes or keyways. Moreover, they can be used for a very wide range of workpiece materials. Attached is a table with recommended machining data.


QwikReam Advantages

  • High speed/high production.
  • No setup time.
  • Low runout (maximum 3μm).
  • One shank can be used for a range of hole diameters and various types of cutting edges.
  • Durable, due to the combination of a carbide head and steel shank.
  • No fear of losing any clamping parts which may fall during indexing.
  • Internal coolant directed optimally to the cutting edges.
  • Possibility of applying Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems.
  • No need to remove the tool, due to the frontal indexing system.


QwikReam Range

The standard QwikReam line will cover the range of .4528” – 1.2600” (11.500 – 32.000mm). There are 5 bayonet sizes with their corresponding bayonet screws and clamping keys covering this range.

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