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Ingersoll Cutting Tools T-Force 40mm Helical Cutting Edge

For Larger Part Machining in the Wind Power, Shipbuilding and Power Plant Industries

Ingersoll has now introduced its helix-type 40mm T-Force turning insert for smooth cutting and enhanced productivity when large part machining on medium-powered machines.

The helix-type HX chipbreaker with 40mm cutting edges enables smooth cutting at depths of up to 32mm. Moreover, the innovative insert can demonstrate stable chip breaking to enhance productivity without t-force_largeincreasing the load on the machine tool. With an 80° corner angle, the insert enables simultaneous facing and external turning with no residual marks at the end of the part.  This new T-Force system not only achieves simple and strong clamping with its double lever geometry, it also demonstrates longer tool life and stabilized operation. This is attained with minimized chatter and improved chip removal.


  • High helix cutting edge
  • Double lever clamping for maximum stability
  • Unique geometry provides low cutting forces
  • 40mm cutting edge allows cutting depths up to 1.25″
  • Suitable for low to medium powered machines
  • Facing and external turning
  • Available in left hand and right hand

Versatile usage

  • 80 degree corner angle allows it to be used in the same manner as CNMG/CNMM inserts
  • 95 degree entrance angle allows facing and external machining

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