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Ingersoll Cutting Tools T-MINI Inserts

New Indexable system of boring bars and inserts for small component machining

Ingersoll cutting tool distributor in Chicago

Steel shank and carbide shanks

Right hand and left hand

To meet the increasing demand for boring small parts such as machined medical implant devices and micro-sized electronic components, Ingersoll introduces a new line of miniature, indexable boring bars and inserts.

The unique T-MINI boring bar configuration improves chip evacuation and can be applied in boring applications where the minimum bore diameter is as small as .197” (5mm). Optional 16mm and .625” sleeves are available to provide a simple and secure means of holding of the boring bars.

T-MINI inserts feature sharp cutting edges that help lower cutting forces and vibration. This enables precision turning and excellent surface finish capabilities. Inserts are available in ground and pressed versions depending on the shape, and contain a smooth, homogenous surface finish that prevents chipping while extending tool life.

T-MINI Boring bars

  • Minimum bore diameter as small as .197” (5mm)
  • Carbide and steel shanks
  • Right hand and left hand

T-MINI Inserts Shapes:

  • CCGT
  • TBGT
  • WBGT
  • VCMT

Grade: CT3000 – Uncoated Cermet


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