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Ingersoll Cutting Tools T-Turn PC Chipbreaker for Positive Inserts

New single sided ‘PC’ chipbreaker for semi-finish and medium machining.

Now available from Ingersoll is the new Positive ‘PC’ Chipbreaker for turning. This new single sided ‘PC’ chipbreaker is suited to semi-finish and medium machining similar to the existing double-sided chipbreaker. It has been designed to work under a variety of cutting conditions whilst ensuring the steady and continuous control of swarf. In addition, its distinctive low cutting forces achieve superb surface finish and long tool life. Moreover, the innovative geometry design of the PC Chipbreaker can be applied to general steel, stainless steel and cast iron machining.


  • Low cutting forces due to its positive rake angle
  • Wide chip breaking range
  • For semi-finish to medium application
  • 5°, 7°, and 11° positive inserts available

Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools is a complete Ingersoll Cutting Tools distributor.  Contact us for more information.

VBMT331PC TT8115
VBMT331PC TT8125
VBMT331PC TT9080
VBMT331PC TT9225

VBMT332PC TT8115
VBMT332PC TT8125
VBMT332PC TT9080
VBMT332PC TT9225

VBMT333PC TT8115
VBMT333PC TT8125
VBMT333PC TT9080
VBMT333PC TT9225

CCMT21.51PC PV3010
CCMT21.51PC TT8115
CCMT21.51PC TT8125
CCMT21.51PC TT9080
CCMT21.51PC TT9225

CCMT21.52PC TT8115
CCMT21.52PC TT8125
CCMT21.52PC TT9080
CCMT21.52PC TT9225

CCMT32.51PC TT8115
CCMT32.51PC TT8125
CCMT32.51PC TT9080
CCMT32.51PC TT9225

CCMT32.52PC CT3000
CCMT32.52PC TT8115
CCMT32.52PC TT8125
CCMT32.52PC TT9080
CCMT32.52PC TT9225

CCMT431PC TT8115
CCMT431PC TT8125
CCMT431PC TT9080
CCMT431PC TT9225

CCMT432PC TT8115
CCMT432PC TT8125
CCMT432PC TT9080
CCMT432PC TT9225

CCMT433PC TT8115
CCMT433PC TT8125
CCMT433PC TT9080
CCMT433PC TT9225

DCMT21.51PC TT8115
DCMT21.51PC TT8125
DCMT21.51PC TT9080
DCMT21.51PC TT9225

DCMT21.52PC TT8115
DCMT21.52PC TT8125
DCMT21.52PC TT9080
DCMT21.52PC TT9225

DCMT32.51PC TT8115
DCMT32.51PC TT8125
DCMT32.51PC TT9080
DCMT32.51PC TT9225

DCMT32.52PC TT8115
DCMT32.52PC TT8125
DCMT32.52PC TT9080
DCMT32.52PC TT9225

DCMT32.53PC TT8115
DCMT32.53PC TT8125
DCMT32.53PC TT9080
DCMT32.53PC TT9225

RCMT120400PC TT5030
RCMT120400PC TT5080
RCMT120400PC TT8115
RCMT120400PC TT8125
RCMT120400PC TT9225
RCMT120400PC TT9235

SCMT32.51PC TT8115
SCMT32.51PC TT8125
SCMT32.51PC TT9080
SCMT32.51PC TT9225

SCMT32.52PC TT8115
SCMT32.52PC TT8125
SCMT32.52PC TT9080
SCMT32.52PC TT9225

SCMT431PC TT8115
SCMT431PC TT8125
SCMT431PC TT9080
SCMT431PC TT9225

SCMT432PC TT8115
SCMT432PC TT8125
SCMT432PC TT9080
SCMT432PC TT9225

SCMT433PC TT8115
SCMT433PC TT8125
SCMT433PC TT9080
SCMT433PC TT9225

TCMT731PC TT8115
TCMT731PC TT8125
TCMT731PC TT9080
TCMT731PC TT9225

TCMT732PC TT8115
TCMT732PC TT8125
TCMT732PC TT9080
TCMT732PC TT9225

TCMT21.51PC TT8115
TCMT21.51PC TT8125
TCMT21.51PC TT9080
TCMT21.51PC TT9225

TCMT21.52PC TT8115
TCMT21.52PC TT8125
TCMT21.52PC TT9080
TCMT21.52PC TT9225

TCMT32.51PC TT8115
TCMT32.51PC TT8125
TCMT32.51PC TT9080
TCMT32.51PC TT9225

TCMT32.52PC TT8115
TCMT32.52PC TT8125
TCMT32.52PC TT9080
TCMT32.52PC TT9225

TCMT32.53PC TT8115
TCMT32.53PC TT8125
TCMT32.53PC TT9080
TCMT32.53PC TT9225

VCMT221PC CT3000
VCMT221PC TT8115
VCMT221PC TT8125
VCMT221PC TT9080
VCMT221PC TT9225

VCMT332PC TT8115
VCMT332PC TT8125
VCMT332PC TT9080
VCMT332PC TT9225

CPMT21.51PC TT5080
CPMT21.51PC TT5100

CPMT21.51PC TT5100
CPMT21.52PC TT5100

CPMT32.51PC TT5080
CPMT32.51PC TT5100
CPMT32.51PC TT8125
CPMT32.51PC TT9225

CPMT32.52PC TT5080
CPMT32.52PC TT5100
CPMT32.52PC TT8125
CPMT32.52PC TT9225

TPMT731PC TT5080
TPMT731PC TT5100
TPMT731PC TT9225

TPMT21.51PC TT5080
TPMT21.51PC TT5100

TPMT21.52PC TT5080
TPMT21.52PC TT5100

TPMT222PC TT5100
TPMT222PC TT7310

TPMT32.51PC TT5080
TPMT32.51PC TT5100
TPMT32.51PC TT9225

TPMT32.52PC TT5080
TPMT32.52PC TT5100

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