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Ingersoll DNUX Inserts T-Tank

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Four cutting edge DNUX insert with low cutting force

Ingersoll has launched a new “DNUX” series of inserts for the T-Tank product line that significantly reduce cutting forces that occur during machining.

The DNUX inserts feature a high positive rake and inclination angle at the cutting edge that minimizes radial and axial cutting forces that often cause vibration during machining, particularly in long, slender work pieces and in applications where a tail stock or steady rest is not utilized. The result is a more consistent surface finish and tool life compared to ISO-DNMG style inserts.

Compared to ISO-KNUX style inserts which have similar geometry, the DNUX inserts provide an advantage by offering four cutting edges compared to two.197-1

These inserts are fully compatible with our existing T-Tank holders for DNMG inserts. Dimensions and details for these holders are located in our Fine Gold catalog.


  • 4 cutting edges for productivity and economy
  • For medium light to medium applications
  • Steel and stainless steel machining
  • Decreased cutting forces due to high positive rake angle geometry
  • Suitable for machining slender bars and thin-wall components
  • More economical than .500″ IC DNMG inserts
  • High positive geometry for reduced axial and radial forces
  • Ideal for long, slender work pieces


  • .016
  • .031


  • DNUX3.53.5 TT8115
  • DNUX3.53.5 TT8125
  • DNUX3.53.5 TT9225
  • DNUX3.53.5 TT5100
  • DNUX3.53.5 TT9080

Chipbreaker Geometry: T-TANK DNUX R/L11 chip breaker & cutting condition

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