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Ingersoll Evolution of Technology

The EVOlution of TEChnology!

Ingersoll announces Evo-Tec, the next generation in their MAXline family! A dynamic combination of strength and stability lift chip control to a new level. Longer tool life results from a larger insert seating surface plus a stronger cutting edge.

The multi-purpose insert works well in all materials, its primary land, dramatically improving cutting edge strength. 4-edged inserts offeIngersoll Evo-Tecr an economical advantage over the 2-edged competition and a DOC capability of up to .420″. Available corner radii are .031″, .062″, .093″, & .125″r. Cutter diameters range from 1.250″ thru 4.00″ and coolant/air through the tool is available. Medium and High Density versions are also available.

General Cutting Tools is an authorized distributor for  Ingersoll Cutting tools in Chicago.

We carry a full line of tools to choose from.  Contact us for more information or for a quote.

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