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Ingersoll Flat Bottom Hole Machining

Ingersoll has extended the application range of the successful drilling line by introducing a flat-face geometry tip for flat bottom machining, in a diameter range of 8.00mm to 25.5mm (.312″ – 1.012″).

The new line reduces the number of tools required to generate a flat bottom hole from 2 or 3 tools to a single tool, greatly reducing cycle time. The new geometry is compatible with the ’s current line of bodies in the same size. Further benefits are excellent chip breaking and high precision flat surfaces.


Ingersoll Flat Bottom Drill Insert Tip

  • Suitable for high precision machining of flat surfaces and excellent chip breaking capability
  • Improved economy and reduced cycle time by producing flat bottom holes with a single tool
  • New geometry is compatible with current GOLD-TWIST bodies in the same size
  • Recommended cutting parameters for flat bottom tips are the same as standard 140º GOLD-TWIST tips
  • IN2505 grade PVD multi-layered coating provides high wear resistance, chipping resistance and prolonged tool life
  • Tip Diameters: 8.0mm – 25.5mm in increments of .5mm & Common Inch Sizes.
  • Targets the Die Spring Industry, SHCS, Bolt Hole, Blind Hole & Bottom Tapping Applications.
  • Fits Gold Twist Drill Bodies, 8.0mm-25.0mm, 1.5, 3, 5, 8, & 12XD, L:D Ratio.
  • Tip Geometry: “TPF” for Steel & General Purpose in Grade IN2505.
  • High Precision Machining of Flat Surfaces.
  • Excellent Chip Breaking Capability.
  • Can Reduce Two & Three Step Process to One, Reducing Cycle Time & Cost Per Piece.


Metric: 8.00mm to 25.5mm in 0.5mm increments
Inch: .312″ – 1.012″


Steel and general purpose
TPF designation

Ingersoll grade of carbide: IN2505


Die spring industry
SCHS – socket head cap screws
Bolt holes
Blind holes
Bottom tapping applications

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