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Ingersoll Hi-Quad Plunge

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Hi-Quad plunge roughing cutter

Roughing in Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, and High Temperature Alloys

General Cutting Tools, Cutting Tools Chicago is your complete, one stop shop for Ingersoll Cutting Tools including the Hi-Quad Plunge roughing cutter.

Hi-Quad Plunge cutters are available in a range of sizes.  From 2″ diameter to 4″ diameter, 5 insert configuration to 9 insert configerations available too.

Features and Benefits
.45″ max. radial depth of cut capability (depending on corner radius)
Excels in general purpose roughing and long reach plunge applications
Perfect for roughing on small spindle machines
Inserts offered with clean shearing Hi-Temp Alloy geometry and strong Flat Top geometry
Internal coolant supply

Cutter                           Diameter          #of insertshi-quad plunge
QHU-20015D1R01          2.0                        5
QHU-20015D1R02          2.0                        4
QHU-25015D1R01           2.5                        5
QHU-30017D3R01          3.0                        7
QHU-30017D3R02          3.0                       5
QHU-40023D5R01          4.0                      9
QHU-40023D5R02         4.0                       7

This high performance cutter uses SDMS1305 and SDES1305 inserts with four cutting edges.  These inserts are available in grades IN2530, IN2535, IN4005, IN4015, IN4030, and IN4035.  Multiple chip breakers and corner radii are also available.

General Cutting Tools is a complete authorized Ingersoll Cutting Tools distributor.  For more information on these Hi-Quad plunge cutters, Ingersoll’s Chase line of tools, or any other Ingersoll product, feel free to contact us.  We are here to help.

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