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Ingersoll High Feed Cutters

S-Max Strength – High-Feed Productivity!

In the SP6H/SP6N S-Max face mills, high-feed is made possible by an aggressive 80° lead angle for an extreme (5x) chip thinning factor.S-Max High-Feed also features ramping capability.

Inserts, which feature 4 cutting edges with a DOC of up to .072”, are available in Multi-Purpose geometry or a High-Shear geometry for Titanium/Hi Temp alloys. Diameters range from 2.00” thru 8.00”. Medium and High Density cutters are available. Coolant/Air-through is featured on some styles.Ingersoll S-Max General Cutting Tools is your source for Ingersoll Cutting Tools products.  We have been in business for over 30 years and have the experience to help you.

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