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Ingersoll Qwik Twist Indexable Drilling

Simple indexing without removing drill from the spindle.

Introduced in 2000, the QwikTwist drill has made the greatest impact replacing solid carbide drills in high-volume drilling operations like Air-X-Changers.

Getting off the reconditioning merry-go-round creates dramatic reductions in tool inventory and reconditioning costs. The reusable drill body is fluted alloy steel for toughness, shock and impact resistance. Only the replaceable point is coated carbide.

Ingersoll Qwik Twist Drilling System
Ingersoll Qwik Twist Drilling System

The operator locks the insert in place with the quick 90° twist of n key tool much like un Allen wrench handle; a 20-second operation 10 remove and replace a point. The points lock in place with +1- 0.002″ axial-length repeatability, eliminating the need for or touching off after each point change. All this can be accomplished on the machine without removing the drill body from the spindle, thus eliminating lost time for a tool change.

Points are self-centering and available in geometries for either general purpose or cast iron drilling.

The Qwik-Twist drill line continues to grow. With sizes down to .295″ (7.5mm), Qwik-Twist are the smallest self-clamping replaceable-point drills available anywhere. And on the top-end, 10 additional sizes extend the range up to .862″ (21.9mm). Drill points are offered in geometries for both general purpose and “cast iron” (with significant tool life increases when drilling cast iron).


  • Simple indexing without removing drill from spindle.
  • Multiple sizes and geometries with a single drill body.
  • Eliminate tool set-up time when indexing.
  • Predictable tool life.
  • Both 3xD and 5xD drill bodies available.
  • Through-the-tool coolant is standard.
  • Drill Points provided in Ingersoll grade IN2005 (TiAIN-coated).

Contact General Cutting Tools to learn more about how you can save money with Ingersoll’s Qwik Twist drilling system.  We are an authorized Ingersoll dealer and can ship to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and the rest of the US.

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