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Ingersoll Qwik Twist Long Drills

Ingersoll introduces new larger size 8:1 L/D ratio Qwik Twist Drills. We now have added five additional drill bodies to support drill sizes from .827” (21mm) up to and including 1.020” (25.9mm).  These drills use the standard Qwik Twist Drill points, both general purpose and cast iron geometry. The 8:1 drills will now parallel the larger sizes previously offered only in the 3:1 and 5:1 L/D ratios.

Ingersoll Qwik Twist Drill

Operating Information:

  • The recommended cutting parameters for 8:1 drills is 20% lower than the cutting speed used for 3:1 and 5:1 drills, as listed in the Holemaking catalog.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a 3:1 QWIK-TWIST drill of the same diameter to drill a centering starter hole. The use of a centering starter hole improves hole location, accuracy, roundness, straightness and surface finish.
  • QWIK-TWIST 8:1 drills are not recommended for drilling gummy materials such as low carbon steel.
  • We recommend the use of internal coolant with at least 250 PSI pressure.
  • In stationary applications – on lathes – a high degree of radial and angular alignment between the chuck and the turret is required.
  • Before clamping a new drill point, apply some oil in the drill pocket. This will reduce pocket wear and increase the number of indexing cycles.
  • Coolant is directed through the drill point on the .8660”-1.0197” (22m-25.9m) sizes, the same as the present 3:1 and 5:1 ratio drills.


  • The QWIK-TWIST 8:1 drills can be used for blind and through-hole applications.
  • With QWIK-TWIST 8:1 drills, the user may use a range of drill points, in a .040″ diameter range, on the same drill body. That’s 10 standard sizes! A huge price advantage when compared to 8:1 solid carbide drills.

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