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Ingersoll Qwik Twist Modular Adjustable Depth Drilling & Chamfering Combination Tools

Ingersoll introduces a new family of adjustable depth drilling and chamfering combination tools using standard Qwik-Twist replaceable drill points and three different chamfering inserts for 30, 45 and 60 degree top hole chamfer angles.

The new Slip Fit Qwik-Twist Drills with a range of .295” to .823” diameter with straight shanks are easily adjustable for variable drilling depths. These drills can also be used as stand alone items, replacing conventional HSS or solid carbide drills. The new Chamfer Shanks use two opposing chamfer inserts providing a smooth balanced cut in both blind hole and through hole drilling applications.

The unique design of two chamfering inserts and the proven Qwik-Twist drill performance enables combined drilling and chamfering in one operation. Constant machining parameters can be maintained during both operations, resulting in high quality hole drilling and chamfering without sacrificing productivity.

Ingersoll Qwik Twist

Advantages/Applications – Chamfer Shanks

  • The Chamfer Shank combination tool provides drilling and three chamfering options (30°, 45° and 60°).
  • The Slip Fit Drill projection can be adjusted without the need to remove the Chamfer Shank from the machine (by using a flat screwdriver, after removing the drill).
  • The Chamfer Shank bore is produced to an H5 tolerance. Combined with the accurate Slip Fit Drill shank, runout is minimized.
  • The standard ‘GOMT….’ inserts are produced in a sub micron carbide substrate then TiAlN coated, an excellent heat and wear resistant combination.
  • The Chamfer Shank is designed for through-the-tool coolant, for superior performance.
  • The rear adjusting screw is designed with a self-locking thread to ensure consistent axial support during drilling.
  • The Chamfer Shank can be operated at the same cutting parameters as the Slip Fit Drill.
  • The Chamfer Shank system produces high quality chamfers, with 2 effective inserts.
  • The chamfering inserts are designed with a chipformer geometry to provide optimal chip formation on all types of materials.
  • The Chamfer Shank should be offered to all industries, as a general Hole Making solution.
  • The Chamfer Shank presents an alternative solution to any tap drill application which is not covered by our standard Qwik•Twist Tap Drill/Chamfer Combo line (drill depth or chamfer angle).

Slip Fit Drills

  • Up to 3.5 drilling depth to diameter ratio applications.
  • Can be used on both machining centers and lathes.
  • Can be used on the same material application range as other Qwik•Twist Drills
  • Can be used for blind and through-hole applications.
  • More Stable in rough application and interupted cuts due to moderate helical flute design.
  • Can be used to replace competitors’ solid carbide or indexable drills that use a straight body.

Competitive Opportunity:

  • Slip Fit Drills are compatible with the Kennametal “BF” combination drilling system.
  • Using the Slip Fit Drills in the Kennametal “BF” combination drilling system results in upgraded performance with convenient “on machine” indexing of the Qwik•Twist drill points – compared to “B323” the Kennametal solid carbide drills.
  • Ingersoll’s TiAIN coated grade IN2005 drill points and provisions for through-th-tool coolant with all Slip Fit Drills results in increased tool life, improved surface finish, and better overall performance.
  • Each of the Slip Fit Drills can carry multiple size Qwik•Twist replaceable points. This is a huge economical advantage over the Kennametal system.
  • No tool resetting or part piece “touch-off” with the Qwik•Twist points.

Operational Guidelines:

  • It is recommended to use standard Qwik•Twist Holemaking Catalog parameters for both the chamfering and drilling operations.
  • For optimal chip formation and to prolong chamfering insert edge life, it is recommended to use external coolant directed to the chamfering inserts, in addition to the Chamfer Shank’s internal coolant.
  • If vibration or chatter occurs during the chamfering operation in a through hole application, it is recommended to reduce the RPM.
  • The chamfering inserts should not be used for counterboring.
  • When machining the maximum chamfer size, the recommended cutting parameters must be reduced by 20%.
  • The performance characteristics of the Slip Fit Drills are the same as the standard Qwik•Twist drill line regarding hole accuracy, straightness, surface finish and material application range.
  • Before clamping a new drilling head, apply oil to the Qwik•Twist pocket. This will reduce pocket wear and increase the number of point indexes.

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